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County Speed Swimming Championships 2022


The Berks & South Bucks ASA held is holding the County Speed Swimming Championships over two weekends between the dates of 15th January and 30th January 2022.

The championships took place are to take place at the Wycombe Leisure Centre Pool, near junction 4 of the M40.

The meet wasis licensed Level 1, and wasis open to swimmers of clubs affiliated to Berks and South Bucks ASA and meet the published consideration times.

Dates Saturday, 15th January 2022
Sunday, 16th January 2022 and
Saturday, 29th January 2022
Sunday, 30th January 2022
Venue Wycombe Leisure Centre 50m pool
Licensed Level 1. License numbers:
1SE220084 (15/16th January)
1SE220085 (29/30th January)
Ages 10/11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17&over on 31/12/2022
Entries The entry procedure is different this year; Entries close midnight on Wednesday, 22nd December 2021.
Conditions Please read the Promoter's Conditions, Entry Procedure and Event Schedule.
Consideration times County Championship 2022 Consideration Times.
Entries to the meet are now closed. We will not be accepting late entries.

The list of accepted swims (Note: this is a BIG 500+ page document - do not print it all) is available. Alternatively you can look at this list, which allows you to filter by club and/or session.

All swims were accepted. There have been no rejections.

There are online results (scan the QR code with your mobile) or paper printable results, including splits: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.
(These can be large, so don't print them unintentionally)

Points standings, at the end of the championships.

HyTek format results

For clubs using Hytek, club representatives may request a SD3 file containing your club's results. Please ensure you include the name of club you are representing!


If you have any comments on the meet, please e-mail them to us via

IMPORTANT - note new session start times!

Parents and swimmers should read the Information for Competitors which contains the confirmed session and warmup times for the Championships.

The programme for weekend 1 is available to view.
The programme for weekend 2 is available to view.

Live video streaming of the County Championships 2022

This year, because we are unable to host spectators at the County Championships, we are inviting you to watch the swimmers competing on a live stream from Wycombe Leisure Centre (and the ability to view for a period of time afterwards).

You can view the racing from your mobile phone, laptop, computer or even on your Smart TV.

When the championships are in session, you can watch the live action now!

Below are the links to the sessions, and a "playlist" link which groups them all together.

2022 Championships Playlist
Day 1 Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Day 2 Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Day 3 Session 7
Session 8
Session 9
Day 4 Session 10
Session 11 (updated link)
Session 12

The following are key points for this County Championships:


  1. Access poolside and the marshalling areas will be restricted to swimmers, coaches and team managers. Unfortunately this year no spectators will be admitted during the championships. A video feed of the events will be provided on the day and streamed via the Internet.
  2. All competitors must have completed and comply with their club's "Return to Competition, Covid-19 and Risk Awareness Declaration".

    Competitors with disabilities

  3. Classified Disability Swimmers may enter any event provided they meet the eligibility requirements above. The normal consideration times for all events will be extended by 25%. Classified Disability Swimmers wishing to take advantage of this extension will need to contact the entries secretary ( before entering.
  4. Team Events

  5. It may be necessary to restrict the number of relay teams, in which case 2nd and subsequent teams from a club will be selected by lottery to fill the available spaces.
  6. Entry Procedure - General

  7. All entries must be made via your swimming club. Each club must nominate the person responsible for submitting their entry by the 31st October 2021. Club entries must be made in electronic format using the SportsSystem Entry Manager software. The entry file will be issued to the nominated club representative by email together with additional information on the entry process and payment instructions. Nominations and entry files should be submitted by email to
  8. The closing date for submitting and paying for entries is 23:59 on Wednesday, 22nd December 2021.
  9. Entry fees for individual events are £8.50 per event of 200m or less, £10.50 per event for the 400m events, £13.50 for the 800m Freestyle and £16.50 for the 1500m Freestyle. Entry fees for the team events are £15 per team.
  10. Entry Procedure - Individual events

  11. Swimmers must have achieved the consideration time during the period 20th December 2020 - 19th December 2021. These times must have been achieved at Swim England licensed meets (Level 1 - 4) or a Level X gala and be included in the Swim England Rankings Database or the Swim England Masters Rankings Database at the date of entering. If times are used from meets close to the deadline that have not yet been included in rankings, they will be accepted provided they are available in rankings for verification prior to 22nd December. However, entries must still be submitted before the deadline on 22nd December.
  12. Meet Details

  13. During the championships swimmers will be marshalled in the sports hall areas adjacent to the pool. The poolside area will be restricted to only the swimmers competing in current heat, officials and selected coaches. After completing their event and swim down, swimmers will be asked to leave the pool area return to the marshalling area via the changing rooms.
  14. The changing room and swimmer marshalling areas will be patrolled regularly to provide security for those attending the championships. Only swimmers and adults with legitimate reasons relating to the championships are allowed in these areas, all other persons present will be asked to leave.
  15. There is a possibility that guidance from Swim England or the leisure centre will change at the time of the meet requiring additional restrictions. In this case, any changes will be communicated to the clubs, coaches and team managers.


  16. To avoid crowding and maintain a COVID safe environment, all medals and Trophies will be distributed directly to the swimming clubs to be awarded to their swimmers after the Championships. No awards Ceremonies will held at this year's Championships.Age Group medals can only be collected from the medal deck by Team Managers representing your swimming club. Swimmers must not collect medals directly from the Medal Desk. Trophies and County medals will be handed out poolside during awards ceremonies at the end of each session.
  17. Still and video photography

  18. The championships will be recorded and live streamed via the Internet so that parents, families and friends of swimmers can enjoy the championships, even though we are unable to allow spectators poolside this year.
  19. Use of video and still cameras is permitted at the event, in line with Swim England guidance. Any photos and videos taken may only be for personal use and may not be broadcast (including web-streaming) or published without the prior written consent of the Promoter.
  20. An official photographer will be present to record the competition. Images and video may be used for County publications and the County website (within the relevant Swim England guidance).
  21. By entering these championships, swimmers accept that their image may be captured and used as described above, Swimmers and parents who do not wish their images to be used should contact the promoter in advance of the event and prior to entry.
  22. Consideration times

  23. All consideration times have been increased this year as a one of measure to take into account the reduced opportunity swimmers have had to train and compete of the last year during the pandemic.
  24. The consideration times for all events have been increased by the following amounts:
  25. Furthermore, due to a low number of entries in specific events to the 2020 Championships, the consideration times for the following events have been increased further:
    Girls 10-11 yrs100FR, 100BR, 100FL, 100BK
    Girls 12 yrs100FL
    Boys 10-11 yrs50BK, 100FL
    Boys 12 yrs50BK, 100FL

--> In case of query from the entry process, the Meet's Entries Secretary can be contacted at

For other Championship enquiries the County Championship organisers can be contacted at

Note that the procedure for withdrawals after the meet has closed for entries is described in the Promoter's conditions and Information for Competitors documents.

Any queries about technical officials for the gala should be sent to

You can see the results and details of the previous year's meet.

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